Oct 31

The [CINC] Requires a Viable Security Staff


For I have been conducting some serious catch-up with this monumental situation... as I only held less than half of this report nearly 4 years ago in terms of the late :David-Wynn: Miller and his noble sacrifices and achievements along this journey only. Now that I am much more abreast of the situation; made aware by having discovered the CINC himself, that he is in need of tactical escort services, so he may be able to freely travers his battle field - IOT conduct his political affairs with far less (im)punity… how might we who are willing and capable, get in contact with SGT Horton on the specifics of perhaps joining the security team for CINC Gould? This particular asset for CINC Gould seems very much in need at this time, so he will be much more easily capable of moving the ball along once each community functions is able to rally together and to call upon his services onto those locations by way of his performance.

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