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Oct 17, 2021
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To establish correctness inside the contested domain and discuss with the badest man in the world how i can posit or communicate with the post service station to avoid the ongoing difficulities of carrying cargo. anticipatory breech of uncontested responsability unquestioned by object observers and the procedures designed to establishit are horriably inadquate thus difficult to establish laws general and universal. Clear procedures and instruction to the master part of the vessel safety management system. detail and discription of ships manouvering during the planning stage voyage as necessary. To ensure the vessel is equipped with updated charts for the voyage., not relevant to only rely on a pilot it is always the masters duty to keep situational awearness of all activities and responsability required to check a vessels positioning through propper use of charts, positioning fixtures and fellow local rules to not hinder delay /or obstruct. Presumpotion /or non issue including speculation while claiming an isssue and avoiding an issue at the same time by argument., Please properly identify the issue in proper form., Reflection can not make substance appear only substance can command reflection. Thanks for taking the time to thoughtfully guard against stealthy encroachment with this docking corporation deed of re-conveyance and the right to make proffit and incure loss, through a new addition added to fradulant senarios fictiously conveyed with no facts., Applying the stop and correct safe guard(s) mechanics, global level bonded vessel capacity network and safety structure in joinder contracts, gained federal postal military station sealed letter of value to a military postal station foreign vessels with no capacity and no authorisation to think without credentials to direct steering and position on a contract. private bonds have value, illicit public offers are a liability by money of account and money of exchange you can not engage the charge withoutr engaging in piracy being they are decleared private offerings beleiving they are registered decleared throygh the public like it is supposed to be in propper form. one is not accountable for the errors and omissions of the offerer and offerees partners known and unknown, one is not responsible for the accusations of the actions of an artiface created in the imignation in an attempt to create a colorful persona under colorable law and invisible contracts to weesle twist squirm out of an agreemeent any letters of credit /or joint ventures which appear controversal by meeting the requirements of certinity and flexiability while breaking a rule over looks crucil factors of international criminal crimes for domeostic activity in extreme cases in isolation or in concert with a small group of like minded co conspritors alledged miss-deeds and un biased procedures are an essential elemant when a special status creates duty for powerfull players who know or should of known under their watch the facts are oiversshadowed by the overwelming evidence of deep and wide spread wrongdoing by international offenders hypothetical cases and agency interpretation act with force of law. Thanks again for taking the time to clarify a grey area were logic and principle falter between perfect shadows of partial illumination by the outerbounds of authority eminating from law. and the vague borders of words and concepts inherihant in weighing some systems. Sincare intention to deal fairly with others without malliace or the desire to defraud others the duty to mitigate. Mata kai Kutu


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