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Petro Vikini - my internet nickname well chosen based on gematria. My legal name is Piotr Gołaszewski under coat of arms Kościesza which my family used since 400 years by saved genealogical data.

Born on territory of II Poland's Republic with Legal president Jan Zbigniew Potocki. With legal citizenship document delivered by Count Jan Zbigniew Potocki legal president of II Republic of Poland.

Looking forward for partnership with :Russel-Jay: Gould as I'm fully capable of

understanding all knowledge :Russel-Jay: Gould possess.

I'm eager to master quantum grammar as this knowledge morphing with my spiritual understanding and gem-atria construct sentences is possibility to infinite reality shaping for me and every living being in my attention. The knowledge which by all means should be shared with living beings for common good. Thus Mastering quantum grammar within this community is of uttermost importance for me.

I've always been and I'm sovereign being. At very young age I came into possession of the copy of the book taken from Vatican Library and sold by random priest on the internet during pontificate of polish pope John Paul II.

Book itself was written in full in Enochian language of Angelic Beings. Having this book in possession for years since childhood when i understood nothing of it: over time gave me spiritual illumination and knowledge i've been blessed with is superior.

It took years to came to conclusion the book itself was written in Ancient Enochian, language of an Angels. Knowledge anyways has been given to me in a way of progressive spiritual information download.

Morphing and introducing this knowledge through quantum grammar with gem-atria living universal connected reference construct sentences have solid foundation for Plentiful reality shift at will taken into action together.

Contact to me is

tel: +48 788 888 708

mobile is often turned off but it is active

Roslyn Chapel

Thank You




Petro Vikini
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